NEW YORK (WOMENSENEWS)–Manhattan catering company and self-proclaimed art installation group Raw Catering offers a sushi bar and raw buffet served off of a naked woman.

The buffet, available for corporate and private events, showcases a naked woman posing motionless on a mirrored table while chef Chris Leahy squirts condiments and dipping sauces onto her and then arranges a buffet around her. The partygoers are then invited to eat the food off of her body and admire the view.

The model must also interact with guests to encourage them to eat the food. “She has to know the menu and be able to answer questions like, ‘what’s this on your ankle,’ or ‘what’s this on your leg,'” said Raw Catering co-founder Andrew Hagene. “She can’t be rigid. She has to work it to sell.”

Hagene admits the event “is something that could very easily turn into something raunchy,” but said the installation is culinary art. “We call ourselves a performance art group because it is a performance,” he said. “You see Chris manipulate the food, the model, everything else.”

Hagene said he and partner Leahy get very little criticism for what they do, and they don’t see their work as demeaning. “If we served whipped cream and cherries, I’d say you had a pretty good argument,” he said, “but this is quality food.”

–Holly J. Russel.

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