(WOMENSENEWS)–Maria Suarez, convicted 20 years ago of killing the man who bought her as a sex slave at age 16, was denied parole last week, despite the California state parole board’s recommendation that she be released. Governor Gray Davis reversed the state board’s recommendation because of discrepancies in the police reports, according to The Associated Press.

Anselmo Covarrubias, then 68, took Suarez into his home, raped her repeatedly and over the course of five years, wielded emotional, physical and financial control over her, the news service reported.

In explaining his decision, Davis said police reports suggested Suarez “acted not just because she was battered, but that she was motivated by jealousy, fear and greed.”

Davis told the board to “conduct further investigation and attempt to reconcile the divergent views of those who say, on the one hand, Ms. Suarez played an active role soliciting the murder and those who assert the contrary,” The Associated Press reported. Suarez is scheduled for another parole board hearing next January.

The state board recommended parole because they concluded Suarez posed little danger to the public.

Over the past four years of his term, Davis has denied parole for seven battered women who killed their abusers, against the board’s recommendation. He has granted parole in two cases.

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