(WOMENSENEWS)–A Hong Kong attorney defending one of three men accused of kidnapping and gang raping a 21-year-old house cleaner said the men had committed “a more gentlemanly sort of rape” because they did so one after the other, leaving the room between attacks.

Defense barrister Finny Chan said that because the rapes were in private, the attack was a less serious kind of gang rape, the South China Morning Post reported last Saturday.

“As soon as one finished, he leaves the room and another one takes over,” defense lawyer Chan told a High Court hearing April 26 before the three men were sentenced for the attack.

The men, two of them 21 years old and the other 25, forced the woman into a taxi and took her to a guesthouse, where they took turns raping her, prosecutors said. They were sentenced to three to six years in jail.