(WOMENSENEWS)–Playboy magazine is looking for former female employees of the Texas-based energy company to pose in an upcoming “Women of Enron” issue.

Playboy Photography Director Gary Cole told the BBC on Tuesday that posing nude or semi-clothed would give women who lost their jobs a way to earn money and provide them with an “exciting opportunity that may lead them down a new career path.”

The magazine is asking interested women to send photos of themselves in bikinis and to indicate what level of nudity they would be comfortable posing in. Playboy did not say how much money it would pay women who posed in the upcoming issue, planned for sometime this summer, but the magazine generally pays more money for less clothing.

Playboy reports that editors have received a number of responses already, but some women who lost their Enron jobs don’t find the offer appealing.

Debbie Perrotta, a former senior administrative assistant, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “We’re fighting for our severance pay and reforms and Playboy is just in it to make some money.”

Margaret Ceconi, formerly Enron’s director of business development, told the same newspaper, “I don’t think it could help out anybody financially and it would be a career-limiting move. It would undermine your credibility as a businesswoman.”