(WOMENSENEWS) — The American Life League Outreach Program picked the week of Valentine’s Day as the proper time to celebrate its National Week of Chastity.

The day before Valentine’s Day, Rock for Life will release a new anti-abortion album and the league plans to distribute brochures entitled, “Letter to My Future Husband” and “Letter to My Future Wife”, in schools, on college campuses and in churches.

Chastity, it says, provides “freedom from sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy before marriage and irreparable emotional damage.”

This narrow perspective on human sexuality notwithstanding, the league has a big-picture outlook. Links from the Chastity Week site lead directly to the Why Life? marketplace selling T-shirts and sweatshirts that proclaim “Abortion Is Homicide” and “Equal Rights for Pre-Born People.”The league has a national political agenda as well.

“Chastity is critical now because the abortion industry is trying to deceitfully undercut abstinence and abstinence-only based curriculums,” said league spokesman Scott Weinberg. “We hope that the president will make abstinence part of his faith-based initiative.”

The league claims to a membership of 400,000 with a youth program called Why Life?, which in turn sponsors the music group Rock for Life.