February Films Favor Dark Fare Over Valentines

Aside from “Endless Love” opening Feb. 14, movie releases on the horizon tackle serious subject matter. “Kids for Cash” is about a juvenile court judge in Pennsylvania who was getting paid to send kids to a private juvenile detention center.

‘Mortal Instruments’ is Must-See for Fantasy Fans

This is a strong rival for the “Twilight” series; poised for its own sequels but without the vamp-ing, sappy treacle and sudsy soap opera elements. For other audiences, “Therese” is a fine psychological period drama not to be missed.

‘The Attack’ Probes Complexities of Suicide Bombing

Rounding out this month’s movie releases, in addition to this Middle Eastern thriller, are a musical tribute biodoc to Canadian singer Kate McGarrigle and the relationship-examining flick “Some Girl(s).” Other late-June releases, however, can be skipped.

Hollywood in 2012 Was Female-Action Packed

Take a bow, movie makers of the year past. From little girls facing down prehistoric beasts to elderly goddesses communing with the planet, 2012 movies teemed with complex female characters and a new sense of opportunity.