Indian Widows Swell Temple-Filled Town

The Indian temple town of Vrindavan continues to attract widows facing the traditional ostracism of village life. Many say they prefer to live on less than $1 a day than to go back to the families who cast them out.

For Women and Animal Doctoring, It’s a Love Affair

(WOMENSENEWS)–If you have a sick pet or livestock animal on your hands, it’s increasingly likely that you’ll be reaching out to a woman for help.
While many scientific fields still seem to belong to the guys, women began dominating veterinary science in the mid-1980s.

Farm Widows in India Fear Crop of Creditors

In the past three years, farmers in a central India region have committed suicide by the thousands following bad harvests. Now, their widows are left to grieve and worry about the arrival of moneylenders and debts they don’t understand.