Out of Work and Benefits, Women Look for Relief

Prolonged joblessness is tearing bigger holes in the U.S. unemployment insurance system, critics say. They want an overhaul that starts qualifying part-time, short-term and low-income workers, among whom women are prevalent.

Smiles of Kosovo Widows Catch Her Off Guard

Victoria Schultz returned to Kosovo after six years and was amazed at how life had improved for two war widows. Now they have a good pension, houses of their own and new teeth with which to smile. Remarriage, however, seems out of the question.

Capital’s Women Tell Tale of Two Countries

Washington, D.C., is the only jurisdiction where women’s median salary tops the national median salary for men, but it’s also one of the poorest cities for women. Advocates say the capital tells the story of two different countries for women.

Farm Widows in India Fear Crop of Creditors

In the past three years, farmers in a central India region have committed suicide by the thousands following bad harvests. Now, their widows are left to grieve and worry about the arrival of moneylenders and debts they don’t understand.