Federal Job Funding Opens Doors for Single Mothers

The federal funding program for job creation has given states various ways to help workers hurt by the recession. Florida created jobs for low-income parents, many of them young single mothers. Mississippi gave preference to employers with small payrolls.

Need Welfare in Bronx? Come Back Tomorrow, Maybe

Welfare caseloads have dropped steeply in recent decades, but some applicants in the South Bronx–one of the poorest communities in the country–say that’s not a sign of winning the battle over poverty. It’s about applicants feeling discouraged and disrespected in the waiting room.

At Welfare Hearings, Calls to Help Single Mothers

Women’s advocates are pressing a welfare overhaul agenda in reauthorization subcommittee meetings. President Obama is not expected to make major changes or raise basic funding levels, but emergency and contingency funds are being set aside.

Mozambique Attacks DV; UK Ethnic Women Are Poorer

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersThe Mozambique parliament in Africa passed the first draft of a bill against domestic violence on June 29, reported the nation’s official press agency. The bill imposes harsher penalties for crimes of domestic violence; currently domestic violence is treated as a simple assault case. If passed, the bill would be the first time these types of crimes are included in Mozambique’s state statute.More News to Cheer This Week:A Delhi High Court ruled on July 2 that homosexuality is not a crime in the Indian capital of New Delhi, the Associated Press reported. The decision is the first of its kind in the country and it is hoped to lead to more freedom for gays and lesbians. The court stated that “treating consensual gay sex as a crime is a violation of fundamental rights protected by India’s constitution.”