A memorial to the victims of 9/11.

Gender Stereotypes Reinforced Post-9/11

As with other wars, masculinity was back in vogue in the United States after 9/11, while women virtually disappeared from newspaper pages and TV screens, says J. Ann Tickner in this excerpt from “A Feminist Voyage Through International Relations.”

Women Suffering Heavily in Mideast Violence

The current focus is on Gaza, where the Israeli military’s “knock on the roof” warning missile leaves too little time for escape. Women and children compose a sizable number of the 200 Palestinians killed as of July 16.

Syria War Shatters Maternal Care, Mothers’ Health

While 96 percent of mothers in Syria had medical assistance when giving birth before the conflict, medical services for women have become almost nonexistent, finds a recent report from Save the Children. C-sections are riskier than ever and more than twice as common now.