Finnish Women Rule; Abstinence-Only Ed Fails

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersFinland now has the most female-dominated government in the world, with 60 percent of the nation’s Cabinet positions occupied by women, the Independent reported April 19. Following national elections in March women now have 84 of the 200 seats in Parliament, which is a Finnish record.President Tarja Halonen, the country’s first female head of state, was elected in 2000. Halonen formally appointed her Cabinet April 19, and now women hold 12 of the 20 advisory posts.”Some governments have been 50-50, but a 60-percent majority of women is internationally very high,” said Jaana Kuusipalo, a University of Tampere political scientist.Men still hold the top ministerial posts of finance, defense and foreign affairs, the Associated Press reported April 17. Tuija Brax was the only women chosen for a top Cabinet post as head of the Justice Ministry. In 1906, Finland became the first European nation to grant female suffrage.More News to Cheer This Week:Segolene Royal is attempting to connect with female voters in her campaign to become the first woman elected president of France, the International Herald Tribune reported April 18.