Tax Watchdogs for Seniors Momentarily Relieved

The payroll tax holiday provided a middle-class tax break yet Social Security advocates worried that it represented a hidden threat to the bedrock of older women’s retirements and are glad to see it go.

Default Fears Clip Fight for Women’s Retirement

As a U.S. government default deadline looms, last-minute deal-making is intensifying the threats to Social Security, the retirement program upon which women disproportionately depend, particularly African American women and Latinas.

Money Storms Blow Warren, Sanders Onto Daily Show

Federal budget uproars spread into the states this week alongside the slew of actual tornadoes. Elizabeth Warren, champion of a consumer watchdog agency for Wall Street, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, took up stands on “The Daily Show.”

Wall Street Makes Social Security Look Good

With two Wall Street behemoths — Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers–blinking out of existence over the weekend, Susan Feiner’s commentary about Social Security seemed like timely re-reading. Article has been condensed.