Women and 9/11: Special Reports

Ten years ago, Women’s eNews’ offices were on the border of the area evacuated after the attacks on the World Trade Center. Our reporting team seized the moment to ensure that women’s voices were part of the news coverage of that day and its aftermath, including the series: Women at Ground Zero.
Stories to include in the series:

Crew of Retired Fireboat Answers Sept. 11 Call

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the retired fireboat John J. Harvey was called back into service to fight blazes and aid survivors. Jessica DuLong, the boat’s engineer and a freelance journalist, recounts this time in “My River Chronicles.”

House Races 2002

Untitled Document State *Indicates Winner Democrat *Indicates Winner Republican Percentage votes counted Winner’s percentage of votes cast California 10th District *Ellen Tauscher Sonia E. Harden (Libertarian) 100% Tauscher 75% California 14th District *Anna Eshoo Joseph H. Nixon 100% Eshoo 68% California 16th District *Zoe Lofgren Douglas Adams McNea 100% Lofgren 67% California 23rd District *Lois Capps Beth Rogers 100% Capps 59% California 32nd District *Hilda Solis Emma E. Fischbeck 100% Solis 69% California 33rd District *Diane Watson Andrew Kim 100% Watson 83% California 34th District *Lucille Roybal-Allard Wayne Miller 100% Roybal-Allard 74% California 35th District *Maxine Waters Ross Moen 100% Waters 78% California 36th District *Jane Harman Stuart Johnson 100% Harman 61% California 37th District *Juanita Millender-McDonald Oscar A. Velasco 100% Millender-McDonald 73% California 38th District *Grace Napolitano Alex A. Burrola 100% Napolitano 71% California 39th District *Linda Sanchez Tim Escobar 100% Sanchez 55% California 47th District *Loretta Sanchez Jeff Chavez 79% Sanchez 62% California 53rd District *Susan A. Davis Bill VanDeWeghe 100% Davis 63% Connecticut 2nd District Joseph Courtney *Rob Simmons 100% Simmons 54% Connecticut 3rd District *Rosa DeLauro Richter Elser 99% DeLauro 65% Connecticut 5th District Jim Maloney *Nancy Johnson 100% Johnson 54% Colorado 1st District *Diana DeGette Ken Chlouber 98% DeGette 67% Florida 3rd District *Corrine Brown Jennifer Carroll 100% Brown 59% Florida 5th District Karen Thurman *Ginny Brown-Waite 99% Brown-Waite 48% Florida 13th District Jan Schneider *Katherine Harris 100% Harris 55% Florida 22nd District Carol Roberts *E. Clay Shaw 96% Shaw 60% Georgia 4th District *Denise Majette Cynthia Van Auken 100% Majette 78% Illinois 9th District *Jan Schakowsky Nicholas M. Duric 98% Schakowsky 70% Indiana 2nd District Jill Long Thompson *Chris Chocola 100% Chocola 50% Indiana 7th District *Julia M. Carson Brose A. McVay 99% Carson 53% Iowa 1st District Ann Hutchinson *Jim Nussle 100% Nussle 57% Maine 2nd District *Mike Michaud Kevin Raye 90% Michaud 53% Maryland 8th District *Christopher Van Hollen Jr. Connie Morella 100% Van Hollen 52% Michigan 13th District *Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick Raymond H. Warner (Libertarian) 100% Kilpatrick 92% Minnesota 4th District *Betty McCollun Clyde Billington 100% McCollum 62% Minnesota 6th District Janet Robert *Mark R. Kennedy 100% Kennedy 57% Missouri 5th District *Karen McCarthy Steve Gordon 100% McCarthy 66% Nevada 1st District *Shelley Berkley Lynette Boggs McDonald 100% Berkley 54% New Hampshire 1st District Martha Fuller Clark *Jeb E. Bradley 100% Bradley 58% New Jersey 5th District Anne Sumers *Scott Garrett 100% Garrett 60% New York 1st District *Timothy Bishop Felix Grucci 100% Bishop 50% New York 4th District *Carolyn McCarthy Marilyn O’Grady 100% McCarthy 56% New York 12th District *Nydia Velasquez Caesar Estevez (Conservative) 100% Velasquez 95% New York 14th District *Carolyn Maloney Anton Srdanovic 100% Maloney 76% New York 18th District *Nita Lowey Michael J. Reynolds (Right to Life) 91% Lowey 92% New York 28th District *Louise Slaughter Henry Wojtaszek 99% Slaughter 62% North Carolina 13th District *Brad Miller Carolyn Grant 100% Miller 55% Ohio 11th District *Stephanie Tubbs Jones Patrick A. Pappano 100% Jones 76% Pennsylvania 13th District *Joseph M. Hoeffel Melissa Brown 98% Hoeffel 51% South Dakota Stephanie Herseth *William J. Janklow 100% Janklow 53% Texas 18th District *Sheila Jackson Lee Phillip J. Abbott 100% Lee 77% Texas 30th District *Eddie Bernice Johnson Ron Bush 100% Johnson 74% West Virginia 2nd District James F. Humphreys *Shelly Moore Capito 100% Capito 60% Wisconsin 2nd District *Tammy Baldwin Ron Greer 100% Baldwin 66%