Rwanda’s AIDS Effort Offers Zambia a Lesson

Zambia is receiving hefty U.S. funding for its anti-AIDS effort but is showing much less for it than nearby Rwanda. A comparison of the countries suggests two key ingredients of success: strong condom promotion and support of women’s rights.

3,000 Rwandan Women Await Trials for Genocide

Some 3,000 women are accused of participating in the Rwandan genocide that killed up to 1 million members of the country’s ethnic minority. Meanwhile, survivors worry about what will happen when some of the accused are returned to the nation’s villages.

While Cruel Wars Rage, African Women Wage Peace

Mindful that women and children constitute the vast majority of casualties in today’s conflicts, African women from conflict zones have gathered in Kigali, Rwanda, to share their experience in alleviating suffering and influencing government policy.

Rwanda Gambles on Renewal, Not Revenge

After genocidal violence, the nation is preparing for an experiment in the limits and possibilities of justice. It is reviving a tribal system of wise persons sitting in deliberation and judgment and women, once excluded, will be the heart of it.