This Time, a Rwandan Man Listened to Story of Rape

In Rwanda, when women gathered to tell the stories of the rapes they suffered, they often preferred that my male translator kept away. But one day he is there and translates word for word. His reaction shows why rape is not a women’s issue. It belongs to all of us, male and female.

Pushed to Return to Rwanda, Women Farmers Uprooted

In Uganda’s U.N.-run camps for Rwandan refugees, the July 31 repatriation deadline is causing particular hardships for women. For one thing, it has disrupted many families’ growing season. The last of three stories on repatriation turmoil.

Repatriation Roils Rwandan Refugees in Uganda

Rwandan refugee women in Uganda face particular hardships under a repatriation push that started in April, with a July 31 target date for completion, a local advocacy group finds. Second of three stories on women and the repatriation turmoil.

For One Refugee, Rwanda Still Too Terrifying

By July 31 Rwandan refugees in Uganda are supposed to return to a homeland that suffered genocide 15 years ago. One woman says she can’t comply, not after the killing of her family and loss of her land. First of three stories on repatriation turmoil.

Rwanda Women Gain Seats; World Leaders Fall Short

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersRwanda is the first nation in the world where women outnumber men in parliament after legislative elections Sept. 18. Women now account for at least 55 percent of the lower chamber in Rwanda, according to provisional results. Previously, they held 48 percent of seats.”The role of the elected females is double: They must on the one hand concern themselves with the implementation of government decisions, and on the other be a voice for the grassroots,” said Bellancilla Nyonawankusi, a Kigali election official.Female lawmakers earned 20 seats in direct elections, Reuters reported. Another 24 were already secured in an indirect vote.