Latina Converts to Islam Growing in Number

For one woman it started with a quest for a closer connection to God. For another it was the surprising discovery that Islam might help her resist the domination of her Catholic father. First of two stories for Ramadan about Muslim women in the U.S.

Ethiopian-Israelis Make Waves in New Homeland

After decades of Ethiopian immigration to Israel, several black women now hold significant government posts and Israel recently crowned an Ethiopian as its national beauty queen. But hardship persists for women in these communities.

Christian Adoption Crusade Ignores Dark Side

The rise of Christian adoption brings millions of new advocates supporting an industry often marked by ambiguous goals and dirty money, says Kathryn Joyce in this excerpt from “The Child Catchers.” Like with all adoptions, it also makes the birthmother invisible.

Veteran Pro Bono Lawyers Fight Health Care Law

With millions of dollars at stake for Hobby Lobby, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which brought the first challenge to the contraceptive mandate, will represent the Oklahoma City concern before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver on May 23.