Take It from Me: D.C. Rape Bill Needs More Muscle

If a strong bill passes and is put into effect, I’d encourage rape survivors to turn to the police in Washington, D.C. If not, my own experience will remain a cautionary tale. Instead of professionalism, I was treated with skepticism. The process dragged on. He was never arrested.

Campus ‘SaVE’ Law Does Exact Opposite

Here is the truckload of reasons why safety activists should be working to stop the Campus Sex Violence Elimination Act from taking effect in March. This law was snuck in under the VAWA authorization, and now it’s time to take a much closer look.

Another Gang Rape in India Puts Focus on Survivors

The new rape law in India steps up punishment of rape, stalking, voyeurism and acid attacks; a big achievement for safety activists. But they say it’s not enough to focus on the perpetrators. The government also needs to help people who survive these attacks.

Indian Activists Put Parliament on Rape Watch

PJ Kurien, deputy chairman of the Upper House of Parliament, faces rape charges in the reopening of a 17-year-old case. He is among the lawmakers who resume session today under the new scrutiny of women’s safety watchdogs.