Take It from Me: D.C. Rape Bill Needs More Muscle

If a strong bill passes and is put into effect, I’d encourage rape survivors to turn to the police in Washington, D.C. If not, my own experience will remain a cautionary tale. Instead of professionalism, I was treated with skepticism. The process dragged on. He was never arrested.

Note to Biden: Cops Aren’t Answer to Rape

Joe Biden recently threw the rape card at opponents of Obama’s failed jobs bill, saying they would prevent the hiring of cops needed at the crime scene. Wendy Murphy calls it a spurious argument unworthy of a leading advocate for women’s safety.

Web Sites Steer Visitors to Domestic Safety

Web pages for those escaping domestic violence are coming online all the time. One new site offers a chilling photo gallery. Another caters to those suffering violence from a law enforcer. Part of our “Dangerous Trends, Innovative Responses” series.