Battles Loom on Women’s Rights, Health, Budget

Spring brings an overflow of political battles that affect women. Statehouse bills attack choice, Medicare and Medicaid could be picked apart in agency budget hearings and federal spending to curb domestic violence faces unusual opposition.

Quest for Women’s 2012 Push-Back Vote Begins

Ultrasounds and welfare drug-testing are just two of this week’s news issues that could stoke the fire under HERVotes, a coalition of 50 women’s rights groups formed in August that is announcing a major voter-mobilization effort today.

Note to Biden: Cops Aren’t Answer to Rape

Joe Biden recently threw the rape card at opponents of Obama’s failed jobs bill, saying they would prevent the hiring of cops needed at the crime scene. Wendy Murphy calls it a spurious argument unworthy of a leading advocate for women’s safety.

Obama Fuels Battle Over Funds for Abortion

Both sides of the abortion debate are riled up over the funding of abortion services under Obama’s proposed public health plan. But as the battle heats up, a senator’s effort at compromise casts doubt on the public option altogether.