Threats by Online Trolls Stirs Rising Concern

The threats against Emma Watson turned out to be hoax but the actual hostile forces lurking on the Internet, ready to pounce, cause real harm. Watson’s “He for She Campaign” has not responded to an issue stirring rising news coverage and concern.

Net Neutrality: FCC Needs Your View by Sept. 15

The Internet allows us to spread messages further than our feet could take us, make ideas louder than our voices can shout and stand together while we are miles apart. Women, Action and the Media (WAM!) is asking us to tell the FCC that girls and women need to keep that precious access.

Malala Yousafzai addresses members of the European Parliament.

Nigeria Kidnapping, Malala Shooting Rouses Teens

The kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria and the shooting of Malala Yousafzai have spurred some U.S. teens to activism and generosity. Others find the news too terrible and hard to solve.

Iranian Women’s Magazine Zanan Makes Comeback

It’s re-launching May 29 in Iran. After being shut down by hardliners in 2008 the revival of this 16-year-old feminist publication is an event to celebrate as a defining moment for the resurgence of women’s rights in the post-Ahmadinejad era.