Abusers Gun Ban Upheld; Michigan Spouses in Limbo

The U.S. Supreme Court OK’d the law banning possession of guns by people convicted of domestic violence. Also this week, in Michigan, the governor said the state will not recognize 300 same-sex marriages performed between a court ruling and its appeal.

Yellen to Lead Fed; Undue Strip Searches in Chicago

President Obama has nominated Janet L. Yellen to lead the Federal Reserve. She would be the first woman in charge of the nation’s money supply. In Chicago a sheriff’s office has been accused of conducting videotaped strip searches without due cause.

Yellen Hangs Glass Ceiling Over Wall Street Battle

The debate over who will take over at the Federal Reserve unites women’s rights activists and Wall Street reformists. Their female champion faces an Old Boy favorite who once famously expressed doubt about women’s intellectual capacity.