Fathers Should Act Like Fathers, Not Mr. Moms

“Father knows best” is long gone. But in an era of shifting gender roles, the maternalization of child care doesn’t make sense either. For Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the complementary role that both parents play, with separate but equally fine styles.

Egypt’s Constitution Vote Rings Sharia Alarm Bells

After three weeks of sometimes violent revolt against Morsi’s pro-Islamist power grab, Egypt is slated to hold a vote this weekend on a controversial draft constitution. For women concerned about divorce rights and FGM, the spotlight falls on the loosely worded Article 10.

December Movies Offer a Rich, Seasonal Banquet

“The Big Fix,” an angry documentary about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, kicks off the new releases. “Hyde Park on Hudson” follows a few days later, offering a look at the female-dominated private life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.