Int’l Women’s Day Reports Document Gains, Intense Need

An abundance of good news appeared during the first week of women’s history month.
Women’s equality is important or very important to 84 percent of men and 86 percent of women among 14,896 respondents polled in the world’s 16 largest nations, according to a poll prepared for the March 8 observation of International Women’s Day, conducted by Washington, D.C.-based World Public Opinion.

Female Face of Abuse Provokes Shock

The images of grinning female soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners are shocking and famous. Some say they challenge the notion that women are more peaceful than men. Others point to a susceptible minority within a violent military culture.

Refugee Women Need Bias-Free Assistance

As the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees holds its annual meeting in Geneva this week, it should commit to refugee women having independent access to all aid packages and better protection from gender-based violence.

Roma Women Organize to Fight Triple Bias

Roma women are banding together to fight the triple bias that increases their rates of poverty and shortens their life span by as much as 17 years. The new organization of Roma women is the first to involve representatives from across Europe.