Incarcerated Moms

Risks Are High for Teen Daughters with Jailed Moms

Women with children are being incarcerated at a rising rate, with ominous implications for girls in particular. “Children typically model their behaviors based on the parent that is the same sex, so missing that female figure is critical,” says one advocate. Story reported with Annie Geng.

New Drug Law Tests Infants, Sends Moms to Jail

A Tennessee law designed to punish women who use drugs while pregnant can only hurt, not help, babies being born with withdrawal. We need more drug treatment programs, not laws like this that will deter women from seeking help.

Justice for Jane and allies at 2014 New York City Pride Parade.

Connecticut Trans Teen Ignites Prison Reform Push

First she was placed in an adult women’s prison, now she’s in a boy’s facility. Supporters decry officials’ indifference to her age and gender identity and are demanding a new law and a new prison commissioner.

Two Women Share Grief for Teens Branded as Felons

Working as a librarian in a county jail in Nassau County, N.Y., Marybeth Zeman saw the boys’ thirst for books, as well as problems with the juvenile justice system. In this excerpt from “Tales of a Jailhouse Librarian,” she meets the mother of a jailed boy.