Latin American Indigenous Women Hold NYC Tribunal

To puncture official indifference, Latin American indigenous women are staging a tribunal on the sidelines of a U.N. permanent forum “to push back the invisibility” about what they suffer. “The justice system really doesn’t work for us,” says one.

Guatemalan Girls Tell Own Story in Film ‘¡PODER!’

With its online premiere today, this docu-drama handed the reins over to two young women to tell how they challenged their local mayor to increase girls’ access to health care and education. This different way of filmmaking ended up being an empowering process itself.

Appeals Case Gives Hope to Guatemalan Refugees

A Guatemalan woman’s asylum case could add being female to the list of other reasons–such as race, religion, nationhood or politics–for being granted freedom from persecution in the U.S. Thousands of refugee applicants have a stake in the decision.