Israeli Surf Champ Applauds Wave Riders in Gaza

Maya Dauber is a sports legend in Israel and now she’s busy training the next generation to surf. She hopes that one day she’ll get to meet the young Arab female surfers in Gaza from whom she is currently cut off by geopolitical divide.

Casualties Replace Gaza’s Maternity Ward Patients

In one Gaza hospital the maternity ward curtails normal operations and mothers of neonates hover over incubators threatened by power disruptions. The World Health Organization says all of Gaza’s 56 primary health care clinics face fuel shortages.

Anti-Choice Laws Blocked; Gaza Women Gunned Down

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersThe federal appeals court in St. Louis ruled 2-1 on Oct. 30 to continue blocking the enforcement of a 2005 South Dakota law requiring doctors to give additional warnings to women who seek abortions, including one that the procedure will “terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.”In Britain, the House of Commons voted 187-108 to reject a bill that would reduce the period to obtain a legal abortion from 24 weeks to 21 weeks and introduce a compulsory 10-day “cooling off period” in which women would receive counseling and be informed of the medical risks and implications of the termination, reported the British Web site Currently, British women are required to wait to have an abortion for five days after seeing a doctor.Member of Parliament Christine McCafferty called the bill “ill-informed” and said it would force a small number of vulnerable women to continue pregnancies against their will. “Restrictions on legal rights would leave some women in a desperate predicament.”More News to Cheer This Week:The Peter Gruber Foundation awarded three activists its prestigious $300,000 Women’s Rights Prize Nov.