Teen Fashionista Focuses on Adaptive Designs

When trying on her original fashion designs became a hassle, Delaina Parrish turned her attention toward strategic designs that would make clothing more accessible for girls with unique bodies and abilities. This story is part of Teen Voices’ Girl Fuse series, featuring stories by and about girls with disabilities.

Muslim ‘Hijabistas’ Generate Growing Fashion Buzz

Designers, photographers and bloggers are generating interest in all the fashion possibilities of loose, flowing fabrics and covered hair. Fans include Christian women who can’t find much church-going attire at the local mall. The second of two stories for Ramadan about Muslim women in the United States.

Two Female CEOs Revamp for Climate Change

These businesswomen don’t have environmental backgrounds, but they know it’s time to tailor their business practices to extreme global weather patterns. The fashion designer always paid attention to the weather but now she watches it with an eye to fabric prices.