Suburban Philly Women Step Into Voting Spotlight

Pennsylvania women are expected to keep Clinton in the running as they vote in a primary that shares the date with Equal Pay Day. But a Pittsburgh analyst says suburban Philadelphian women are unpredictable and might just give their vote to Obama.

Saudis Ease Up on Women; Kenya Violence Rises

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersA royal decree in Saudi Arabia gave women the right to check in to hotels without a male guardian, Al Watan reported Jan. 21. Currently, women cannot move about in public unless they are covered head-to-toe in Islamic dress and are accompanied by a male guardian, but the easing of the hotel rules will benefit businesswomen who must travel.Another decree allowing women to drive is expected by the end of the year, the Daily Telegraph reported Jan. 21. Saudi women’s rights activists have mounted growing protests over the driving ban and sent the king multiple petitions to allow them to drive without male chauffeurs.