Chilean Women Rebuild Lives Smashed by Tsunami

Some give up traditional livelihoods and do something new. Others stay put and rebuild from within devastated towns. Throughout the shoreline communities of southern Chile hardest hit by the 2010 tsunami, women are driving a long, hard recovery.

Microfinance Could Be Hazardous For Teens

Microfinance is on the rise and not only reaching women, but a growing number of female teens. One industry participant warns that lenders must step carefully with this age group to avoid causing unintended harm.

Latina Salons Weather Recession Beautifully

Latina beauty salons throughout the U.S. are providing an employment lifeline to a group of female workers who have been badly hurt by the recession. One owner in Queens, N.Y., hopes to add English classes to her new cosmology school.

Teens Fashion a Wardrobe for Grandparents’ Kids

Grandparents who have custody of the kids often struggle to make ends meet on a fixed income. To help out, two teens in Cleveland have created a fashion-minded thrift boutique in an old car barn, with personalized shoppers, where all the clothes are free.

Women’s eNews Philadelphia Leadership Awards 2009

Siobhan "Sam" Bennett, Runner for All Women

Following a career that has spanned congressional candidate, community leader, organizer and businesswoman, Siobhan "Sam" Bennett has found the perfect place for her fighting attitude and political savvy. She is the current president of the Women’s Campaign Forum, an organization that seeks to launch women into elected office.