Michelle Nunn

Michelle Nunn May Face Senate PAC-Funded Run-off

(WOMENSENEWS)–Democrat Michelle Nunn, hoping to become the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate from Georgia, will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow if she does not win 50 percent of the vote in the election against Republican businessman David Perdue and Libertarian Amanda Swafford. Razor-thin polling leads have been going back and forth in the waning days of the race. A Nov. 3 poll of likely voters by WSB-TV Atlanta found Perdue leading 49 percent to Nunn’s 45 percent. But a CNN poll of Oct.


Election Campaigns Don’t Come in Him and Her

Voters look at candidates–male or female–based on issues. But when that information is lacking voters will fill in the gaps with gender stereotypes, says Kathleen Dolan in this excerpt from “When Does Gender Matter?”

vote sticker

Ladies Everywhere: Let’s Get Registered and Vote

The deadline for voter registration in many states is Oct. 6. Women face so many voting obstacles–legislated and not– that it’s important we get registered and after that, turn out to vote.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Speaks Up About Girls, Women

No word about her presidential intentions. But at a strategy session of the Clinton Global Initiative focused on girls and women, the former first lady touched on problems of education, while participants also talked about disability, caregiving and land rights.

Scotland Pushes Women to Fore of National Politics

Today’s referendum for Scottish independence has, it seems, challenged more than just the concept of national identity. Take a look at Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson’s prominence in national politics.

Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan Is Target in Battle for Senate

The North Carolina Democrat is in the most expensive race in the state’s history. She is one of eight women in battleground races for control of the Senate. The second in a series on money, women and the fight for the Senate.