Tax Watchdogs for Seniors Momentarily Relieved

The payroll tax holiday provided a middle-class tax break yet Social Security advocates worried that it represented a hidden threat to the bedrock of older women’s retirements and are glad to see it go.

Libyan Congress 17% Female; Profits Up, Wages Down

[[image-with-caption:{ “caption”: “A woman casts her vote in Libya’s July elections.”, “credit”: “Credit: Samia Mahgoub/United Nations Development Programme”, “url”: “”, “width”: 576, “height”: 400, “alt”: “A woman casts her vote in Libya’s July elections.”, “align”: “” }]]

Here’s How to Help Women in Green Economy

Create a global fund at the International Finance Corporation for female-run enterprises in renewable energy and expand the Global Banking Alliance for Women. Those were two “green economy” recommendations out of Rio +20 on Monday.

She Works Hard for the Money: Spotlight on Women’s Working Lives

As I write this, I am humming the late Donna Summer’s hit “She Works Hard for the Money” and remembering the scenes from the video, featuring a middle-age single mother, an everywoman, scrubbing floors, waiting tables, running a machine in a garment factory, feeding her preteen kids and falling into bed exhausted.

‘Part Time’ Cleaner Survives by Constant Work

Rosalina Miranda works at all hours of the day as a cleaner of warehouses and offices in New Jersey. After 15 years she’s unhappy about never getting a raise. Her best hope could be lawmakers now debating a proposed hike in the state’s minimum wage.