Saudis Living Abroad Explain Why They Stay Away

Neither Saudi is focused on the nation’s high-profile ban on female driving that they believe most directly affects women with lower incomes. They talk about the engrained male domination of the culture, which few Saudis seem eager to change.

Quito Inmates Say Wait Is Its Own Punishment

Women in a Quito jail can languish for years before they see the inside of a courtroom. While they wait, they can earn a certificate and learn a skilled trade. Third of three stories on women in the jail.

Drug Busts Fill Quito Women’s Jail

Most of the women in a Quito jail were arrested on drug-related charges. A researcher says they reflect a trend in women’s imprisonment that has been developing for decades. Second of three stories about women in the jail.

Ecuador Police Seize Foreign Women at Airport

A Paraguayan was on her way home from Ecuador when a man persuaded her to carry bottles of shampoo on the plane. Now she’s in a Quito detention facility with a growing number of women on drug charges. First of three stories about women in the jail.