New Pill Adds Choice; Women Flee Pakistan Battles

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersBayer Schering Pharma announced the launch of the world’s first “natural” birth control pill, Qlaira, in the U.K. The pill uses natural plant resources instead of synthetic hormones, various news agencies reported Monday. Bayer says benefits include shorter periods and less pain and cramps. Dr. Anni Evans, a women’s health specialist at Bristol Sexual Health Centre, expressed hope the new product would allay safety concerns associated with conventional birth control. “I am concerned about the number of women who do not use effective contraception because of fears of risks or side-effects,” she said.More News to Cheer This Week:Anna Julia Cooper, African-American rights activist best known her collection of essays “A Voice from the South by a Black Woman of the South” is immortalized on a postage stamp, beginning June 11. Cooper, whose life spanned the slavery era to the civil rights era, was a feminist, educator, scholar and activist.A month-long STD-prevention campaign targeting truck drivers is starting in Chandigarh, an Indian city north of New Delhi, Asian News International reported on June 8.