Default Fears Clip Fight for Women’s Retirement

As a U.S. government default deadline looms, last-minute deal-making is intensifying the threats to Social Security, the retirement program upon which women disproportionately depend, particularly African American women and Latinas.

Obama Urged to Save Programs; LGBT Hate Crimes Up


As President Barack Obama continues to struggle to win a deal from Congress to extend the federal government’s borrowing limit, women’s groups are calling on him to save programs upon which women disproportionately depend–Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security–from the chopping block.

Hochul Win Sends Hands-Off-Medicare Message

Medicare-preservationist Kathy Hochul just won a starring role in budget affairs with her upset victory in western New York. But inside the Beltway, not a single woman is on the White House’s special team of budget dealmakers.

Money Storms Blow Warren, Sanders Onto Daily Show

Federal budget uproars spread into the states this week alongside the slew of actual tornadoes. Elizabeth Warren, champion of a consumer watchdog agency for Wall Street, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, took up stands on “The Daily Show.”

Cash-Hungry States Could Eat Up Food Stamps

The GOP budget proposal for 2012 moves the federal food stamp program to state control. That recklessly puts 44 million Americans and a disproportionate number of women at risk. It’s wrong and costly to boot.