Ova Donations Spur Ethical Debate in Israel

As donated eggs run low for infertile couples in Israel, a push is on to widen the ranks of possible donors. But one of the country’s oldest women’s rights groups fears the possibility of financial exploitation and wants tighter oversight.

In Togo, Female Science Faculty Actively Mentor

At Togo’s University of Lome, female students and faculty are rare, particularly in the sciences. A student-faculty group is working to make the sciences more attractive to girls and women. Last in a series on women and higher education in Africa.

Brazil Tries to Stem Tide of Sex Slavery

Brazil is on a mission to end its status as Latin America’s largest supplier of sex slaves. In recent months the government has joined international sting operations, passed a new law and launched a media campaign.

Brazil Begins Talking Openly About Abortion

Brazil is moving to address the problem of illegal abortion, the country’s fourth leading cause of maternal death. In March the government eased abortions for rape victims and in April it formed a committee to review all its abortion policies.

Teen Death Steers RU-486 Bill to Congress

The grieving father of a teenager who died after taking the abortion pill has become a powerful ally of anti-choice activists in the fight to ban the drug. Planned Parenthood says Holly’s death is a tragedy but that medical abortion is safe.