‘LuLu Sessions’ Brings Breast Cancer Up Close

While this movie offers a companion’s intimate view of one woman, “Beauty and the Breast” looks at the disease in a spectrum of women. Elsewhere, don’t miss Sandra Bullock in “Gravity,” tethered to George Clooney for life support.

‘Mortal Instruments’ is Must-See for Fantasy Fans

This is a strong rival for the “Twilight” series; poised for its own sequels but without the vamp-ing, sappy treacle and sudsy soap opera elements. For other audiences, “Therese” is a fine psychological period drama not to be missed.

‘Our Children’ Offers an Emotional Tour de Force

Other notable first-half August film openings include a biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace’s path to adult entertainment. And go see “In a World,” Lake Bell’s comedic bash at the rampant sexism and egotism in the voiceover industry.