Waitress’s Wages Leave Little to Take Home

A waitress in a family-style restaurant in Detroit says it’s a struggle to make ends meet. Most servers are women and they are subject to a sub-minimum wage that hasn’t been raised since 1991. Family members often provide a crucial safety net.

Office Manager Keeps $100,000 Pay Check in Sight

As an office manager in a St. Louis technology company, Shawntay Nicole’s work duties have steadily increased without any increase in pay or title. To let off steam, she turns her real-life frustrations into laughs at a stand-up comedy club.

‘Part Time’ Cleaner Survives by Constant Work

Rosalina Miranda works at all hours of the day as a cleaner of warehouses and offices in New Jersey. After 15 years she’s unhappy about never getting a raise. Her best hope could be lawmakers now debating a proposed hike in the state’s minimum wage.

10-Hour Day Is Brief for a Home Health Aide

What’s it like to work in one of the most female-dominated occupations? Amy Lieberman kicks off our series with a day in the life of a home health care worker outside New York. Vicky Talag loves her work but doesn’t feel right asking about a raise.