Bookkeeper Is Over-Booked But Not Raising Fees

Dee Jay Beard earns slightly less than the average bookkeeper and is bursting with business. She could probably ask for more, but so many of her clients are small businesses that suffered in the economic downturn that she’s kept her fees in check.

Plastic Workers Raise Grievances Against Reynolds

Female workers at a plastic container factory are calling for a national boycott of Reynolds, the parent company of their former employer, to highlight charges of forced overtime they are bringing in an appeal with the National Labor Relations Board.

Child Care Director Is Also Diaper-Changer in Chief

A child care director starts her day by picking up the cook, moves on to menu writing and is focused on ensuring legal safety standards. Her staff makes more than many child care workers whose earnings require them to depend on food stamps.

She Works Hard for the Money: Spotlight on Women’s Working Lives

As I write this, I am humming the late Donna Summer’s hit “She Works Hard for the Money” and remembering the scenes from the video, featuring a middle-age single mother, an everywoman, scrubbing floors, waiting tables, running a machine in a garment factory, feeding her preteen kids and falling into bed exhausted.