Mass Stigma Scars Congo’s Rape Survivors

A psychologist in a Congo hospital says decades of war have produced a rape-friendly culture with a double standard. While perpetrators go unpunished the victims, including children, are ostracized. Amnesty International has issued a new warning.

Women’s Gathering Gives Peace a Chance

At an international conference in the spring of 2004, women faced the cruel realities that divide and antagonize their governments and found ways to become friends. Today they are still keeping up through e-mail.

Tsunami Aid Maroons Thai Sex Workers

After the tsunami, Thailand’s sex workers say they were shunned by most relief efforts, even though they pitched in to help with the immediate recovery effort. One advocacy group proved the exception and opened its doors to them.

Prime-Time Family Hour Is Least Diverse

A new study of the six TV networks finds the “family hour,” starting at 8 p.m., is the least racially diverse. The universe on prime-time television is one dominated by 30-year-old single, white men who are good looking, intelligent and desirable.