California Project Quietly Battles Maternity Risks

As California bucks the U.S. trend in worsening maternal health, a project focused on two major risks–obstetric hemorrhage and preeclampsia–is gaining notice. Next year it will start targeting unnecessary C-sections among first-time mothers.

Doctors Open Window on U.S. Maternal Care Crisis

Georgia ranks as the deadliest state in the country for women giving birth. Doctors practicing in the state’s poor rural communities, where the population is often mainly black, detail the challenges they face at the heart of this health care crisis.

Hospitals Train to Track, React to Maternal Bleeding

A 58-hospital project that includes Georgia, the state with the highest rate of maternal deaths, is trying to reduce the threat of postpartum bleeding. An obstetric nurse involved with the project says delivery teams need to drill more to avert deadly emergencies.