Health Reform Offers More Care to Abuse Survivors

Health care reform promises to protect domestic violence survivors from insurance companies that consider abuse a pre-existing condition. Some advocates say what is really needed is a public plan that helps victims leave their abusers.

Getting to Well: Women and the Health Care Battles

The current debate over national health care insurance is often centered in Congress, with occasional sidebars contributed by talk-show hosts. Given that women are patients, caretakers and often first-responders in health care crises, Women’s eNews has asked its reporters to dig out angles of the debate that directly impact women’s well-being. We have a lot […]

Obama Fuels Battle Over Funds for Abortion

Both sides of the abortion debate are riled up over the funding of abortion services under Obama’s proposed public health plan. But as the battle heats up, a senator’s effort at compromise casts doubt on the public option altogether.

Push Is On to Cover Prenatal Care in Health Plan

Health advocates are rallying in New York on August 29 to push for broader health coverage. One goal: ending the practice of treating a woman’s pregnancy as a pre-existing condition that bars obstetric insurance coverage. First of two stories.