Turkish women

Turkish Women Gain; Appeals Court OKs Abortion Law

All four parties represented in Turkish parliament, except the ruling Justice and Development Party, have increased the number of their female deputies, Hurriyet Daily News reported June 8. The parliamentary elections have led to the highest number of female deputies in Turkey’s history of democracy. In the previous election, 79 women made their way to parliament, while in the June 7 election, 97 women won a seat in the male-dominated parliament. More News to Cheer This Week:
Oregon has enacted a first-of-its-kind insurance law that will allow women to obtain a year’s worth of birth control at a time, the Associated Press reported June 12. Previously, coverage needed to be renewed every 30 or 90 days.

Pregnancy Centers Reined in; U.K. Poverty May Grow

The California Assembly has passed legislation requiring crisis pregnancy centers to provide comprehensive information about reproductive health care options. Also this week, a coalition of charities has warned that the U.K. risks widening gender inequality because of austerity policies that disproportionately affect women.