Libya Liberation Speech Raises Hackles on Polygamy

Libya’s long-awaited declaration of liberation excluded female voices and raised questions about how the tide might turn on matters of family law. The country’s interim leader faced immediate backlash for endorsing a return to unrestricted polygamy.

U.S. and Arab Women: Both Demand Democracy

While Arab women are working for democracy, American women are trying to make democracy work, says Susan Rose. In both instances, women’s involvement and equality are necessary to create a stronger and healthier democracy.

Lebanon Protesters Take Aim at Family Law System

In the third and latest major demonstration in Lebanon, protesters of the sectarian or “confessional” system took special aim at religious family laws that prevent civil marriages and discriminate against women in various ways.

Algerian Women Test the ‘Arab Spring’ Winds

To appease “Arab spring” protesters, Algeria lifted a 1991 law that banned public assembly, but a longstanding women’s vigil for the country’s “disappeared” complains it doesn’t help them. Other political women debate the effects.