Childhood Trauma Doesn’t Define Me

A new study shows that nearly half of the children in the U.S. face trauma growing up. Youth Narrating Our World writer Amber Fang fits into this category but she’s came out the other side strong and determined, she writes, thanks to support from her grandparents.

Why We Need to Improve the Path for Immigrants

"Immigrating to another place doesn’t necessarily lead a person to a better life," writes Youth Narrating Our World contributor Jia Ling Guan. Guan applauds President Obama’s proposal to reform immigration and suggests how small changes to key elements, including translation services and job placement, would make a big difference.

I Want to Stay in School

Nearly a third of high school dropout happen before 10th grade. Even though she admits she’d rather be on her couch than in a classroom, Aaliyah Smith, a writer with Youth Narrating Our World, will not be one of those teens.

Forget My Number. Can I Get Your Respect?

Nearly 90 percent of girls have been street harassed by the time they are 19 years old, according to an informal survey by the advocacy group Stop Street Harassment. To Youth Narrating Our World writer Raven Robles that statistic is too high and has changed how she feels in her Chicago neighborhood.