Cuomo Vows to Enact 12-Week Paid Family Leave for NY Workers

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during his State of the State Address vowed to enact pending legislation that would grant 12 weeks of paid leave for workers caring for a new child or sick relative, the Associated Press reported Jan. 13. His office said this would particularly benefit low-income workers who often lack benefits or job security and “has the potential to serve as a great equalizer for women.” Almost half (47 percent) of New York’s current workforce consists of women, according to Cuomo’s budget proposal. If enacted, New York would only be the fourth state after California, New Jersey and Rhode Island to offer this benefit. Similarly, Cuomo reiterated his call for the imposition of a $15 minimum wage for workers. He likewise unveiled a $20-billion plan to add 100,000 permanent housing units over five years and 20,000 supportive housing beds over 15 years, the New York Times reported Jan. 13. He also proposed increasing aid to public schools by almost $1 billion to $24.2 billion.

Source: Associated Press

Posted on: January 13, 2016