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Women’s eNews Executive Director Lori Sokol has written a new book, ‘She Is Me: How Women Will Save The World. While the book is available for order via Amazon, GoodReads, and Barnes & Noble ($16.95), if you order it here the entire purchase price will support Women’s eNews as a donation!! PLUS…Lori Sokol will also send you a signed copy!!

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“Because Lori Sokol tells the truth about her own story — and listens with her heart — thirty diverse women have told her the truth of their lives. ‘She Is Me’ takes us from global to personal.”

– Gloria Steinem, author & activist



“In more than one sense, Lori Sokol takes apart patriarchy with these stories of women forging new paths to global stability and prosperity. Read this compelling book and you’ll be guided further along your own path, fueled by hope.”

– Swanee Hunt, US Ambassador to Austria from 1993-1997, and founder of the Women and Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School 


“Lori Sokol has done something extraordinary with She Is Me: she’s written stories — chapters — about the women who have shaped her, shaped this world, warriors and SHEroes and activists and Activists — brave and bold and delicious women, women we know of and hear of and fall in love with but never get quite near. What Lori has done beautifully — seamlessly, dare I say — is bring them to life in a way that makes you actually feel that each woman is a new friend. This book should be read by all women and all girls because THIS BOOK is filled with hope and possibility and unlimited power.” 

— Amy Ferris, author, screenwriter, activist and self-described badass


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