Comfort woman memorial statue, Seoul, South Korea

Japan’s Feminism Stumbles Over ‘Comfort Women’

Journalists, historians and publishers who try to tell the story of the Korean “comfort women” are being fiercely attacked while Japanese leaders deny the forcible recruitment of women to serve its army as sex slaves during World War II.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Speaks Up About Girls, Women

No word about her presidential intentions. But at a strategy session of the Clinton Global Initiative focused on girls and women, the former first lady touched on problems of education, while participants also talked about disability, caregiving and land rights.

Scotland Pushes Women to Fore of National Politics

Today’s referendum for Scottish independence has, it seems, challenged more than just the concept of national identity. Take a look at Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson’s prominence in national politics.

New Drug Law Tests Infants, Sends Moms to Jail

A Tennessee law designed to punish women who use drugs while pregnant can only hurt, not help, babies being born with withdrawal. We need more drug treatment programs, not laws like this that will deter women from seeking help.