Why I’m Not Buying Beyoncé’s Brand of Feminism

It’s not about having a successful career, making buckets of money and forming a perfect nuclear family. Maybe it’s old school, but for me feminism is still about caring about the women out there who are still stuck in a raw deal.

Baby in diaper

Change Those Diaper Rules; Once a Day Not Enough

(WOMENSENEWS)–Babies need diapers — and so do their parents. Even in developed countries such as the United States, though, this basic need goes unmet. When this happens, babies become unhealthy and their parents also find it harder to break loose from the chains of poverty. Does that link shock you? California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez does not think so.

Lizz Winstead with "Orange is the New Black" actress Jessica Pimentel and Eunice the Uterus at the Lady Parts Justice website launch raffle.

‘Lady Parts Justice’ Pushes Election Awareness

(WOMENSENEWS)– Lizz Winstead is fond of the word "psyched." She uses it when she talks about her career as a writer, actress and comedian, her passion for feminism and reproductive rights. So the co-founder of Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show" on cable TV is decidedly psyched about Sept. 27, which Winstead proudly declares the first annual "V to Shining V Day." (While the Vs stand for vaginas, the day has no formal ties to Eve Ensler, author of the Vagina Monologues, or V-Day, the global antiviolence movement Ensler started.)
V to Shining V Day is planned as a chance for women to send their legislators loud messages against "archaic" legislation affecting abortion and women’s health. Possible examples: Missouri’s 72-hour abortion waiting period law passed on Sept. 10 and Colorado Rep. Stephen Humphrey’s proposal to define life as beginning at conception, including in the events of rape or incest.

vote sticker

Ladies Everywhere: Let’s Get Registered and Vote

The deadline for voter registration in many states is Oct. 6. Women face so many voting obstacles–legislated and not– that it’s important we get registered and after that, turn out to vote.

Postmortem Fame, Public Shame for Black Mothers

Black women are hardly ever on the cover of commercial publications or standing in front of television cameras with a sea of microphones in their faces unless they are famous actresses, entertainers, public figures–or their sons were murdered.