9 thoughts on “White Men Who Voted for Donald Trump Must Let Go of Old Ways

  1. According to exit polls, 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump. Does that mean this is partly women’s fault? Must White Women Let Go of Old Ways? Have you missed something critical here?

  2. Thank you. This essay goes to the heart of something I’ve believed for a while – our culture is changing and those who are threatened by that change are thrashing about in death throes trying to prevent it. It’s too late, we’re at the point where gender equality is beginning to be internalised, not just something we pay lip service to. There may be much more thrashing and resistance to overcome and it won’t be easy, as the election shows, but the genie is out and it will never go back. It’s the most encouraging thought in a long dark week so again, thank you.

  3. All these strong women don’t need our help, and they would even be insulted if we were to presume to do such in any possible way. We have been receiving the message loud and clear for many decades now. I’d say more, but that might be mansplaining, I don’t know, how could I know, I’m a man and probably wrong, but still waiting for the Book of Modern Etiquette to be written, at least so I can know whether to hold the door for a woman or not, is it OK to look in her direction or not, to say hello or not, to smile or not, to be helpful or not, to speak or not, to have an opinion or not, to think or not.

    • What would you do for any other human beings in similar circumstsances??
      If their hands are full of items or kids, you open the door for them or ask them directly, “Could you use any help?”…
      When in doubt, speak up politely!! It’s a no-brainer, scheesh…

      • Of course I would hold a door for a woman in such situations, but wouldn’t make eye contact or ask permission (not wanting to either put her on the spot or put her in a position where she would have to say anything to me or acknowledge me, not wanting to violate her space or dignity or make her feel like she owes me anything, or that I am looking to get or gain anything, and I would be very careful to look away from her children, the world being what it is with child abductors and evil men.

  4. Trump Voters are LIARS & No Matter WUT the TRUTH IS,
    Trump Voters wiLL TELL any LIE for their GOD, Donald Trump!!!
    In Other words Trump Voters are Godless & EVIL!!!!

    • You sound so bitter over your queen losing the election. Sucks to be you and your NWO puppet queen. When all of the sh*t hits the fan (and it will), I will REJOICE TO HEAVEN people like you will FINALLY be shown the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

        RePlied to my 3-Postings!!!!!!
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