Kathiana Vilson
Kathiana Vilson

Dear Little Sis,

Brace yourself for the future: Despite what everyone says or thinks, it does not get better. Now, I hope this isn’t making you feel hopeless, because you should be full of hope! You get to learn from my mistakes so that you won’t have to make them.

Lattimore.Cassandra_Girl in Braids

One thing to keep in mind is Confidence. I struggled with this when I was your age.

When I got to 7th grade, I couldn’t stand my hair. Mom would do these big, ugly, beaded, doo-doo braids and you know how much we hated those! That’s why I begged mom for a perm. The summer just before 8th grade I got it. I was so happy! My hair was so soft and thick and straight. And ooh did the guys noticed it! Then in 9th grade, I had my first heartbreak. Remember how the guy I was dating was attracted to my best friend and she liked him back?

Looking at it now, it all had to do with my broken confidence. I didn’t see myself as I should have. I changed myself so that I could look like everyone else, or look like what people wanted me to. I compared myself to my ex-best friend at first. After constantly reliving the situation every single day in my head, I woke up one day and realized: I was only 15 then. Who cares?! This is the time for me to have fun and be carefree!

As long as you are confident in yourself and stand your ground, you’ll be okay. You are here to better yourself. So why not start with this letter?



Misformation: Know Your Pros and Cons

By Rochelle Pinet
Teen Voices Rising commentator
Rochelle Pinet
Rochelle Pinet

To My Little Sister,

Sister Sister, I will give you pros and cons because yes you will grow. But I want you to live slow because you’re more than just a show.


Sister Sister, learn from my pros and cons because that’s what I’ve been told. But it was our mother who sold us the misinformation because that’s what she was told.

Sister Sister, don’t believe everything you hear–all those pros or cons–because when you believe everything that’s being sold, you get lost. But know that sold doesn’t have to mean by money because it’s also by thoughts, and others can manipulate you for their wants.

Sister Sister, don’t live off of them–they’re simply not facts, neither pros nor cons. Because what people think may not be what you want to hear. But you have to have it in you to know that because you are no one but yourself and others don’t need your explanation.

Sister Sister, once you speak your mind, you will then just have to repeat it with determination.